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Our mission is to evaluate the housing and redevelopment needs of the Greater Wadena area and to enable the appropriate public and/or private solutions.

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What is Wadena HRA?

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The Wadena Housing & Redevelopment Authority (WHRA) was established in 1965 to provide housing services to the public throughout Wadena County. Throughout the 55-year history of the agency, the WHRA has administered local, state, and federal programs under State and Federal guidelines and regulations. The WHRA is designated a high performer under the US Department Housing and Urban Development in the operations of Public Housing.

Whether you are new to the area, or a resident of Wadena, there are resources available for you through the WHRA, to assist you in your housing needs. We are so much more than just rental units!  We provide resources and information for the greater Wadena area on affordable and market rate housing options, including Subsidized Housing at Humphrey Manor, Rental Assistance under the Section 8 Voucher Program, Market Rate Housing at Commercial Apartments for those 55 years of age or older, Housing units for 18 years of age and older at Fair Oaks Apartments and Low Interest Fix-Up Loans.

In order to fulfill its mission, the Wadena Housing & Redevelopment Authority resource team of individuals with their own specialty, work together to help fulfill Wadena housing needs.

Your Options

The WHRA offers resources on affordable and market rate housing options.

Humphrey Manor

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Fair Oaks Apartments

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Commercial Apartments

commercial apartments downtown wadena

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Housing Choice Voucher

section 8 housing greenwood apartments

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Wadena Housing & Redevelopment Authority

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